Turtle beach

Hiked up to turtle beach today, it was long and tiring and when we got there were very excited to go swimming in the sea.. Although when we actually got there there was a huge sign with the words ‘swimming prohibited due to dangerous jelly fish’ although that didn’t stop Matt or Nina, we lounged about on the beach and saw the turtles then got a boat back, where we were showed turtle rock and crocodile rock (which were literally just rocks that had a slight similarity to a turtle and crocodile) just rode our motorbikes back I rode on the back of Matt while he raced Nina which was exciting and now we are having ‘free time’ back at the hostel.



 Just come back wfrom playing never have I ever downstairs, had slot of whiskey and it was really fun. Sleep time.


intimate massaging 

today we went to get waxing after searching for hours we finally found a place, I got my legs waxed and it hurt because I’m a baby when it comes to waxing. After that we went to meet the others to get a massage, I’d never had a massage before so I didn’t know what to expect when I got told to have a full body massage, I was the only one who had a guy and layed down, it was painful but quite nice until he started massaging my upper thigh which I felt very uncormfortable with as he started talking about the pants I was wearing (they were I heart Amsterdam pants) I’ve never had a massage so when I layed on my back and he pulled the towel off me I was pretty embarrassed but apparently that’s normal for them to see you pretty much naked with only a small pair of pants on..

Received a horrible snapchat from my ex today of him burning some cards and pictures id made him but we got some chicken satay which cheered me up and it was kris’ birthday so we all got him a surprise cake and sat downstairs while I ate two slices.. Yum yum

Going to bed now as we are exploring turtle beach on motorbikes tomorrow.



day in penanggg

first proper day in Penang met the nicest people last night got pretty drunk and played the card game dutch, 

We decided to rent motorbikes out today and it was literally the funniest day ever, took about three hours for a thirty minute journey as we all had no clue where we were going, it pissed it down on the way back to the hostel so we couldn’t actually see anything where we were going, currently sat in the downstairs part of our hostel after curry night with everyone was nice but have a rather large food baby. best day in Asia so far.